Lydia Red Cloud planting at Solar Warrior Farm

Food Sovereignty

Our Food Sovereignty Program offers training and technical assistance for Natives interested in providing food for their families and communities using both Indigenous knowledge and modern agricultural innovations.

When we hear “food security” many of us think of a one-way interaction – I am giving food to you. It is the way government food subsidy programs have typically been designed, particularly in Tribal communities. The focus is often on access to food, no matter where that food came from or how it was produced.

“Food sovereignty” refers to people determining for themselves who, how and where food is produced for their families and communities. To do this, we must draw upon traditional strengths and ways of knowing, as well as integrate new technologies and new opportunities. This is no longer a one-way street, but a call to learn from young people, elders, warriors and mothers. Native people have been successfully producing, preparing, storing food in creative and effective ways for eons. TWP promotes these traditions through Native-led courses in food sovereignty, traditional gardening techniques, Indigenous seed harvesting, nutrition and food preservation.

Solar Warrior Farm is our on-site demonstration garden at the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center. It is TWP’s outdoor classroom. Through the SWF, we are able to donate fresh produce to local Pine Ridge residents as well as offer volunteer opportunities and demonstrations of dry land, hoop house, raised, container growing techniques. It also features a solar-powered gravity irrigation system.