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Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a sustainable, economically beneficial, and environmentally friendly solution to many of the energy issues faced by tribal communities. We provide comprehensive, multi-day workshops on a wide range of renewable energy and energy efficiency topics. From solar thermal and electric, to insulation and applications in agriculture, our classes can provide you with hands-on Native-led training that will prepare you for the expanding green economy.

Job skills training is just the beginning. Trees, Water & People can connect you to our extensive network of organizations, private businesses and other Native individuals working in the field of renewable energy. This is truly a time of change and growth in the RE industry, and there are opportunities waiting for your time and talents at all levels.

Join us in building new ways to honor the old ways.

Solar Electric

Our solar electric applications include battery and grid-tied photovoltaic systems.

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Solar Thermal

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Wind Power

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Sustainable Construction

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