Solar Furnace Installation

The Solar Air Furnace workshop is a 5-day, hands-on training experience for students interested in learning how to build and install residential solar heating systems. Lead Instructor, Henry Red Cloud, owner of Lakota Solar Enterprises, teaches this course at the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center or on-location at other reservations. Students will learn about solar heating theory, how to build solar furnace kits, and how to install the furnaces onto homes.

Cost includes instruction, materials, lodging at the Sacred Earth Lodge (if the training is held at the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center) and food for the duration of the training.

“Henry was very thorough... He was also available after the training hours to answer any questions. [The course] will help me to tell the younger generation about the benefits of renewable energy [and] sustainability, especially my kids...”

- Glenn Lee, Cheyenne River Sioux trainee